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  • Season: April - October

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Bungee-Trampoline - 4,50€

Bungee-Trampoline - 4,50€

Authorized for 5 minutes of jumping.
Follow the instructions below
Net-trampoline - 1€

Net-trampoline - 1€

Authorized for 8 minutes of jumping.
Follow the instructions below

Please take note of the following Guidelines:

1. Your weight must be between 15 kg - 85 kg
2. You should be in good health
3. Please observe & follow the instructions of the staff permanently
4. In the case of swinging movements, please interrupt jumping immediately, generally only vertical jumps
5. Please read & observe all warning and safety instructions
6. Do not land with your head or shoulders on the trampoline
7. Participants must not be under the influence of drugs

"5-in-1" Safety Instructions:

Due to heavy jumping, you will not take part if you:
1. had a neck injury
2. have heart problems
3. have broken bones, especially shoulder or arm fractures
4. are pregnant
5. have some form of physical or medical problem or general ambiguity about your state of health

Summer Toboggan Run

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