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Departure !
Departure !
Season: March - October
Season: March - October
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Summer Toboggan Run

The summer toboggan run in Großbüchlberg provides cooling, driving fun and has a unique panoramic view over the Stiftland.

— at the Freizeithugl

Whether hiking, recreation or leisure fun:
On the "Freizeithugl" is something for everyone.
Großbüchlberg near Mitterteich is the starting point for a variety of leisure activities.


Children and young people can really let off steam in the adjacent trampolines. Either edged in the net or secured high up in the bungee trampoline.

Sledding fun for Families.Children.Adults.Seniors.Students.Vacationers.Everyone.

I. Track section


Mountain station

Whether newbie or frequent rider:
Here starts your ride down the mountain, alone or in pairs!
On our mountain station you have a brilliant panoramic view over the railroad and the landscape.

II. Track section


Steel Track

Over 14 large curves and long straights await you!
The ride takes you through open spaces, hidden branches and along the forest line down into the valley.
While the entire route is well visible.

III. Track section

End of track

Bottom station

At the end of the track, slowly move onto the conveyor belt.
This will transport you to the lift for the uphill transport.
Please always pay attention to the lever of the sled, which after the conveyor belt falls back to the starting position.

IV. Track section

Uphill transport


The lift will automatically take you and the sled up the mountain. In only 3 minutes you will get back up to the top station, where another ride is waiting for you. Just stay seated and enjoy the great view to the southeast.

V. Track section


End of the ride

After the lift uphill the ride is over and you come to a stop at the exit.
Now leave the sled on the left side and slowly push the sled through the barrier.

3. Technology

Toboggan sled.

The heart of the railway and your safe "vehicle" into the valley. Whether slow or fast, you determine the speed.


1 - 2 persons


Steel, hard plastic, rubber


0 - 40 km/h

Load weight

max. 150 kg


TÜV certified
Centrifugal brake
Rear reverse lock


Ideal for 1 -2 persons

Tiltable lever

With this you determine the driving speed


For comfortable uphill transport


With integrated impact protection
(front and rear)

Wheel frame

With built-in centrifugal brake, reverse lock and track keeping

4. Tutorial

This is tobogganing.

a /

Although over time adjustments have been made to the track and sleds, the basic principle of tobogganing has not changed.
The operation is simple and easy to learn.

5. Leisure facility

Summer Toboggan Run

Feel free to drop by and discover the landscape from a different angle.
The toboggans lead you safely down into the valley like no other means of transport.

6. Freizeithugl
0 Minutes


3 Minutes

Minigolf & Pit-Pat

3 Minutes


4 Minutes

Camping Site

to the Stiftland

Panoramic view

7. Frequently asked questions
We are looking forward to your visit!
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